Short and tweet® at 101.GS

API: Tiny URLs | Short Links | Quick Tweets

Turn a long and unfriendly URL (link) into a short, friendly, easy to remember link (tiny URL/Link) and tweet it!

SHORT INSTRUCTION: To use the API to remotely generate create 101.GS tiny urls or short links, you need to follow the 3 simple steps below. We will ping the file generated below with every API call, so the file, once created and uploaded, must be always reachable, or the API will not work. You will also need to remember the generated key (see api call examples).

STEP 1: Create and upload the file JEOs15VQQiaDFle3Iq9ERo4Cjsb7HdOX.html into your web site.

STEP 2: Enter the URL to the file, once you have created and uploaded it.

http://    / JEOs15VQQiaDFle3Iq9ERo4Cjsb7HdOX.html

STEP 3: Now click on the "VERIFY" button below to complete registration.

 Only click on VERIFY once you have created and added the file to your website.

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